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The Ultimate Gamertag list: 1000+ cool names for games

Let me guess…

You’re looking for some cool names for games but having a hard time to figure out that perfect one for yourself. Don’t worry as you have just landed in the right place.

Good news…

On this page, I will not only provide you with some badass gamer names but also help you on how to come up with the best gamertags.


8 ways on how to come up with cool names  for games.

1.) Play around with your name or nickname.

One of the best ways to come up with a gamertag is to use your name along with it. You can use your first or last name. If you have a nickname, you can play with that as well.

 Example - If someone’s name is Jack then he will be JackTheSniper or SharpshooterJack. Mixing of colour and adjective with a name is also a good try. Like ColdredJohn or SweetClara.

2.) Choose a dark or a mysterious name.

“ShadowEyes KILLED YOU.” Damn! Who the hell is this “ShadowEyes?” (thinks the gamer after being defeated). Now, this is what you call a mysterious name.

Figure out a name that would invoke a mystery among the gamers. Creativity plays a major role here as people never forget such type of names.

These are the names which will make your competitors more nervous so choose them wisely.

3.) Mix your hobbies, interest or favourite things with the gamertags.

Apart from gaming, you must also be having your hobby or something of your interest. List down all your favourite things and then club those to come up with a badass gamer name.

If you like music than BassKing88, BulletBeats, RadioBlast, Guns&Chords, MetallicGrenade, WhistleWarrior are some cool gaming usernames.

If you who love cars than the brand name can be taken for gamertags. If you have a hobby of collection than opt for CorpseCollector or StackingEnemy.

4.) Choose a name from the most popular or your favourite video games.

We all do have a love for that one specific game. Use it in your gamertag. It doesn’t matter if you play this game any more than others.

Try naming yourself after the character of this game. Or if there is any special place or weapon you can use that too.

Basically, this gamer name reminds people of the famous characters within the game & tend to become their favourite.

For example, I love hitman very much so I may prefer AgentAtma47 or AncientAmbush – mission names from Project IGI 2 (I played this game like a maniac ;p )

5.) Look out for an intimidating name

Wanna scare the heck out of your competitor?

Then opt for intimidating names. Intimidating names clearly gives a message to your competitors that you mean true business & you are here to rule like a pro.

Go for names that sound scary or deadly. Some examples are DeathGod, HellWrath, SpookyJohn, DoctorDevil, EnemySlayer, SweetHeadshot, CreepingPredator.

6.) Use a gamer name with different language.

You can create some killer gamertags by using a different language. These gaming usernames tend to grab the attention of other players.

For example, KillerMonster means KatilCanavar in Turkish or SorcierOmbre in French for WizardShadow. Use Google translator to convert your favourite gamer names in a different language.

7.) Include decorative characters in the gamertag.

Decorate your gamertag by adding special characters at either side of the name. The whole idea is to make your username more visually appealing & stand out from the crowd.

For example $JohnDoe$ or xX@FuryDad@Xx. These gaming usernames are actually easy to craft as you just have to mix up special characters within the names.

8.) Make use of a joke or funny name in gamer name.

It’s not mandatory to use serious names all the time. Rather funny gamer names seem to be more approachable to others. Especially in the team when you have a common objective.

Examples – YoungGrandpa, BabyPowder, PotatoSmash, ManCub, GiantDwarf, WildVomit, MomsHeadache, CryingDad, CaptainBuffalo, LostPlayer, EnemyLover, BigMouth.

List of Cool Gaming Usernames

Killer CannonStealth Night
Atomic FireTerror Hunter
Black WhistleSolid Redshift
Moon RageGenesis Eon
Dark DemonCunning Priest
DoctorDevilExiled Prince
MonoflameFurious Hulk
Angel PlasmaCaptain Wizard
Elite VenomChrome Bomb
Angel CyborgFrozen Grenade
Dynamic ReaperMoon Shine
Neo RivalSavage Hacker
Grim ShadowSupernatural Zypher
Storm LimitChaos Effect
Invisible WolfSpace Chimera
Owl CryDivine Voltage
Fire&IceHazardous Master
Metal HunterOcean Terror
Epic NinjaRadiant Rival
Hell StormBrutal Enemy
DevilofHeavenThunder Blaster
Atomic FurySilver Bullet
Carnage SnowTitan Monster
Dark GrenadeMetal Mercy
Killer PriestSnow Blaze
Headshot HeroDeath Punisher
Majestic TornadoAngel Hive
Swift RaidHoly Vemon
Fatal VenomPlasma Cut
Machine MojoMaster Fate
Shadow SabotageMonster Armor
Crawling DeathDeath Realm
Dynamic SniperGraveyard Guard
Heaven FireFatal Guardian
Solid UniverseIncredible Priest
Radical ShadeSavage Snow
Murderous BloodFire Prophet
Secret StormTranquil Panic
Frost KingBlade Knuckle
Psychic MoodAxe Man
Chick BlastRotten Mafia
Platinum FreakBoogieman
Trigger QueenChainsaw maniac
Death ScreamPanther Bomber
Metal GlitchAutomatic Sniper
Master LimitCarbine wrath
Random HellBullet Wrecker
Dark EvilBomb Thrasher
Killer PrinceBone Slaughter
Phantom RageButcher Billy
Thrash KillerAzrael
Midnight MidasSatyr
Grave DiggerLeviathan
Boom ShadowGorgon
Hell AngelBehemoth
Heaven MonsterWendigo
Soul TakerMothman
Kill SwitchHydra
Sky SonHurrican Breed
SonofSunSteel Foil
King PopeyeIron Forge
Combo NightPlatinum Bullet
Mad AugustSteel Armour
Dormant PriestLightning Shade
Unreal WarriorAgent Frog
Epic ChickenAtomic Bunny
Radical MistSentinel King
Male DecayBlood Blaster
Prime EnemyBug Fire
Ghost HammerCandy Charger
Cave WrathBlackout Killer
Bioatomic SnowChaicago Thunder
Steel FateCommando Wire
Juggernut DartCrash Voltage
Wrap GlamorElectric Dust
Evil GalaxyDevil Gamer
Venom EyesEye Shooter
Terror DevilFlying Freak
Vintage SabotageGrave Explosion
Moonstar shooterGrave Rifle
Metal GalaxyHoly Rifle
Holy MistGrimlock Light
Divine KronosCannon Arms
Mirror FlashCobra Death
Hazardous GodDemon Bite
Grenade TorpedoRascal Robin
Venus WolfDeath Maker
Bio ArkMercury Ribbon
Sinful SniperMighty Star
Mischief MidasSkinner Mystery
Sharp ArrowNatural Mania
Epic SavageMighty Mojo
Machine MarioNight Magnet
Enemy WizardPapa Smurf
Devil PrincePaintball Wizard
Dark MoonCoffee Plague
Mad MindedPsycho Lion
Killer BladeRadioactive Tank
Fire SnakeNuclear Daddy
Ninga SageRoller Stone
Electric KillerSunset Gladiator
Captain PainSnow Hound
Vortex MafiaSpeed Kill
Black PunishmentSpy Comet
Chronic WrathNinja Sword
Silent WhisperStar Sage
Diamond BlasterSwift Speed
Cyber RivalSpeed Sultan 
Solar RatFlying Sniper
Ice DevilShooter Nut
Spawn MachineTwitch Lion
Blessed HumanDragon Wizard
Fire GodWinter Bite
Elite WingsBlack Bullet
Assault HeroDisco Shooter
Earthquake HubbyDiamond Bomber
Zero ArrowPetal Prince
Fusion DartWarrior Priest
Shadow SpeedCursed Shadow
Last StormShowstopper Ninja
Captain SniperRolling Barrel
Psychic GunnerHungry Hunter
Ashen KillerSneeky Destroyer
Corrupt NukeKunfu Monk
Combo MasterAlqaholic Ghost
Venom GhostDeathly Thor
Devil ArmyHeartless Hulk
Urban AssassinDisaster Monster
Decimate GuardianMaster Axe
Undercover NinjaGunner Bomb
Universe KingSilent Banger
Alpha SlayerLone God
Bad StrokeRuthless Slayer
Iron PowerSavage Grenade
Fallen KnightSamurai Lord
Enemy ArcadeCaptain Crunch
Atomic WingsMexican Spider
Papa DevilAmerican Frag
Creeping DeathmatchMetal Candy
Brutal SparkSmoke Soul
Necro ReaperMindbuggle Man
Alpha PlasmaMagic King
Destructive DaddyJared Boom
Visionary LegedTerminator Sonic
Savage FateBeast Knife
Master InfernoCaptain Angel
Hardcore HulkJungle Freak
Voltage KingReaper Croc
Horror SonDead Oracle
Deep FirestormEnchanted Priest
Ancient AssassinCollective Borg
Nitro EntityRed Tears
Dynamic RollerKiller Punk
Midnight MafiaArt Devil
Battle PrinceShadow Hands
Sniper JackFuture Zombie
Devil ChiefIncoming Death
Cyborg BrotherMassive Scream
Bad DynastyZombie Cry
Invisible SniperSavage System
Haunter SoulSabertooth Ninja
Equilibrium RageShark Bullet
Iron TriggerFuture Artillery
Uber ForceCobra Son
Razor SpeedZues Shadow
Epic NitroPrison Fire
Dark ScreamFrost Day
Anonymous EvilBrutal Moses
Hazardous BoyVein Cutter
Dynamic DragonFear Me
Crypton PowerMurderous Rush
Super SpeederBlood Omen
Nightmare WarlockCarnage Voodoo
Fire ArrowMaster Edge
Bloddy NeoNeo Caster
Ice KingKiller Clown
Mental AssassinBig Assault

List of Cool Gamertags for Girls

Acid QueenBuckshot Heroine
Dark DivaSharpshooter Nun
Magenta BabyPoison Wife
Noisy GirlDusty Snow
Snow PrincessHeartbreaker Wife
Papas MomJungle Jane
Pink NightmareBlossom Butt
MoonFlowerBomer Pumpkin
Fanatic LadyBullet Whisker
DestroyerDoraDevils Hottie
Fire BeautyFire Honey
Demon WifeTrigger Mama
Thunder CatArmor Melody
Contrary MaryBobo Baby
Cool WhipKiller Nun
Candy KittenPeach Pie
Trinity SmileCharming Punk
Lady SmithSweet Poison
Mother GamerSlick Chick
Phantom GodessChocolate gunpowder
Butterfly ShotSmiley Face
Jade FoxSelfie Queen
Cupid GirlSnuggle Bear
Killer BabySparkle Sister
Twinkle CocoLip Smacker
Boost PrincessBooster Mom
Ginger QueenRigid Sugar
Machine HoneyTwinkle Tear
Wonder ChickYummy Bomb
DaughterOfHadesMad Ruby
Wolf BabyKitty Nails
Aqua DivaBullet Stripper
Sugar KickMafia Queen
Speed BarbieGrenade Candy
Foxy DayQueen Bee
Cuff QueenMonalisa Red
Nora RageMama Bug
Shy WarriorPrincess Roar
Nasty PrincessFurious Baby
Grenade GalLady Igor
Panzer PrincessJaguar Girl
Elite DivaMutant Madam
Haunted ChickDeath Siren
Madam MercuryEngima Sweet
Angel DeathCyborg Queen
Romantic TorpedoSophia Volcano
Cute BombshellRavage Chick
Dark BeautyZelda
BloodBath QueenMonique
Shooter BabyZara
Cosmic EyesSniper Cat
Rouge BabyTrigger Tiara
Terror ChickKitten Muffins
Death WidowShotgun Diva
Fire WitchGrenade Granny
Merciless AngelGrandmotherOfDeath
MsPink SpeedPink Zombie
Deagle PrincessDonut Darling
Gunner GirlBrave Chicken
Pistol CandyAnti Honeymoon
Trigger DarlingDevils Mom
Boudica DeviAtomic Baby
Nitro FloraPixel Heart
Stinger BitchScary Love
Bela FateGrenade Pussy
Virtual GoddessHulk Women
Trick ChickSpider Queen
Mercenary HelenDrift Mom
Dragon DeviIron Women
Raven ScarHarley Quinn
Dark VixenMiss Maverik
Velvet DivaYour Mother
Madam CycloneAudrey Fireburn
Thunder QueenMystique Smash
Lightning BabyBomber Maggy
Speedy Sister

List of Killer Gamertags

Pathetic KillerMagnificent Killer
Charming KillerDark Killer
Fierce KillerSkinny Killer
Automatic KillerHideous Killer
Frightening KillerMad Killer
Mundane Killer Political Killer
Next KillerLovely Killer
Doubtful KillerPsycho Killer
Shameful KillerSilent Killer
Fortune KillerVoiceless Killer
Tasty KillerVirtual Killer
Determind KillerFresh Killer
Lame KillerUpset Killer
Broken KillerExcited Killer
Public KillerMacho Killer
Supernatural KillerLoving Killer
Curious KillerSpicy Killer
Icy KillerNotorious Killer
Previous KillerFancy Killer
Slow KillerRude Killer
Helpless KillerRough Killer
Careless KillerHumorous Killer
Bloddy KillerStraight Killer
Disgusting KillerFuture Killer
Idiot KillerAspiring Killer
Rapid KillerInnocent Killer
Gameover KillerTasteless Killer
Cooperative KillerSerial Killer
Tangy KillerDaily Killer
Warm KillerNonStop Killer
Cool KillerStupid Killer
Wonderful KillerSleepy Killer
Beautiful KillerSafe Killer
Lying KillerHealthy Killer
Thirsty KillerMerciful Killer
Educated KillerUndefeated Killer
Mental KillerCheap Killer
Illegal KillerVenemous Killer
Zombie KillerFearless Killer
Acid KillerGodly Killer
Addicted KillerRosted Killer
Lusty KillerSpecial Killer
Thrashy KillerMeaty Killer
Pretty KillerSmart Killer
Filthy KillerNormal Killer
Private KillerPerfect Killer
Cure KillerHuge Killer
Marvelous KillerCold Killer
Last KillerGuiltless Killer
Gorgeous KillerMysterious Killer

List of Racing Gamertags

Military SpeedNervous Driver
Natural SpeedLeft Driver
Accidental SpeedTerrific Driver
Majestic SpeedHarsh Driver
Youthful SpeedStrange Driver
Furry SpeedDead Driver
Chilly SpeedHilarious Driver
Bloddy SpeedHot Driver
Rapid SpeedMagical Driver
Tangy SpeedPolite Driver
Thirsty NitroAquatic Crash
Nitro KindDashing Crash
Shaky RoadLate Drift
Road Light Difficult Drift
Road BeastHard Motorist
Tricky DriverSonic Speed
Responsible DriverReckless Romeo

List of Cool Xbox Gamertags

Annexed DropsKnits Piste
Tainted HastingMusty Clarity
Cringed GaskellBungled Kamas
Bewails EstersMewing Operas
Speke AirplayHelming Kopeks
Jostled MarxismShines Kopeks
Sharp ShimmyOverdid Groups
Conked AsperaWaite Shivers
Odder WoodieStale Bindery
Punchy RifleSprawls Taiga
Radioed UnsubHeats Dirtbag
Uncut RolesHatest Weill
Quoted MorselEvokes Holland
Heats QuincesInexact Suavity
Assayed RoversLeaped Matsu
Reveled Klein
Loiters Jaggies
Igneous GloriePurpled Krasner
Meeker PorkiesInvokes Juche
Flunks DayanWaning Bringer
Abjures WallyTasted Creeps
Stirred SeepageContent Mémoire
Coifed SeepageNumbs Godard
Replyed KaizenCubed Futon
Faring SaithCursory Cubicle
Refried MulgaEarnt Boyne
Groped MaresFancied Belsen
Skirted VoicingGoogled Lamina
Fleeced PulpsLeagued Nobis
Refile ForgoneEnsued Mémoire
Ended QuartosSwell Yurts
Onside StoreysBonking Rebrand
Uncorks SignersDenieth Welty
Murine VeggiesWeighed Purples
Bespake TycoonContact Creeps
Moored DartsUnzips Bandits
Solid SebumLazed Recipe
Mousey RosettaWangled Wreaths
Bared WeltyMutable Menthol
Weighed WarblerGigged Gabfest
Rageful KoansBleated Wally
Healthy SiresOutsold Beldam
Carried AviatorHankers Humbugs
Cutover WarnerArmored Filming
Taxed ScheeleNerfed Herbert
Shrunk WagtailSynced Speeds
Deducts TripodsSlipped Oarsmen
Manila SwansonRemoter Breslau
Ocean O-ringsLxxiv Warbler
Miked CatgutElven Moujik
Cussing MentholCypriot Bozos
Persued SpeedsMelding Heires
Finking SiegesFeuded Sakai
Goofy KowtowImmune Odors
Honored EldersMired Hangers
Weans LowryLeches Fedoras
Bleeped CapelEnquire Holly
Boded FogeySalary Stamina
Flocked CatgutQuacked Centage
Textual KafirSoppy Varlets
Purer PenmanCamped Humbugs
Turkmen MollyNuked Dippers
Pared DayanHatest Taskbar
Barked BouquetTwitted Gales
Vamped ZeroesAustere Gnats
Disrupt BaggersLoathed Strophe
Retook RuingFlank Hanks
Cleaves ClarityFrizzy Pileus
Bleeped CorsetsRises Phenol
Tooting BlacksHoofed Menthol
Quarry ShaderBilking Penman
Chafes HammamJostled Tympani
Siting AttisSpangly Quinces
Laffed StepmomCoughed Sitka
Dirtier IbooksSmash Brasses
Sedated WipersEncored Pumas
Dosed YeareDutiful Belsen
Bigoted SerapisScalds Payback
Nabbed GelatiStung Euryale
Hymned GoonerLavish Hotfix
Cursive SuavityLazing Breslau
Anted TripodsMaketh Biofilm
Reefed ScheeleNixed Knave
Young ShimmyStrewed Matinee
Sexier SiegesMighta Bedpan
Manque HammamPunking Shreds
Quant BarrisAttires Gauger
Levied StonerElided Tubers
Anted CustosWish'd Nissan
Yielded BusboysTugged Gaskell
Stuffy CuringAssayed Howdah
Plunges MomentRetook Kopeks
Kilted ScheeleSlaking Townies
Deuced BeingsHauled Dixie
Putrid BelsenCakey Magma
Skimmed G-spotCakey Oviduct
Outgrew SiresBonking Esters
Dullest BarcaShines Furore
Content AutumnsOkayed Sebum
Colicky BozosOdder Sauna
Rises DiningSolid Chevron
Unfair CalciteDealeth Ascot
Reaping PeepeeFanless Falsity
Toted GerbilsJelling Bodice
Stoking WiseassDanish Tokens
Branded MorselRansoms Cubicle
Fleshes CzarinaNubby Livers
Scrying AutumnsSlashed Livre
Subdues SerapisMouldy Crops
Valuing LucesGives Ruffs
Maked SiresTreacly Czarina
Attires BarrelsHumean Recipe
Kawaii PhysioWinsome Kamas
Hinky EldersEvoking Matsu
Quaking LiversOccur Barris
Mantled MomentDeadpan Elixirs
Meanest SeepageShrubby Lurves
Housed Co-opPrude Antics
Warned SaddlerGlueing Appal
Chinned RiderDozing Dominio
Anted YelpingDonned Ruing
Lurked ChronoZipping Bucco
Foliar SaunaHoyden Aquire
Velvet CargoesLazing Yelping
Rocky HeiresBigoted Wrapper
Eluting TotesTrended Sieges
Coasts CuringMoodier Lepas
Replyed SorrowThanke Hotfix
Wooded MaresCunning Custos
Elided ProteinVernier Swaths
Cleaves KamasCheered Sorrow
Content DiningDuped Hanks
Soppy PileusBetter Holder
Phased VoicingWish'd Suavity
Bestows MarceauSuccors Pacer
Nerfed SeepageLaminar Piste
Springy BiofilmGlared Modulus
Chafes AndraEnters Hocking
Mewing DeceitsTeeny Hanks
Twitted PoderSharing Kaufman
Closes WiseassDares Marceau
Ancient NissanDermal Warmers
Murine GerbilsShrunk Roanoke
Wrapped ShimmyFlays Sooners
Refused RouladeTelic Earwax
Cubed MomentDarting Hutton
Disrupt TotesSpotty Merges
T-boned BelsenOutwits Shreds
Knits BouquetFunding Inlaws
Regrow NukesCoughed Dioxide
Elided BuccoStrait Terry
Fayre KraalCunning Strophe
Jabbed VarletsRemixes Barca
Quacked MussetSuccors O-rings
Fluxes PacerUterine Hassles
Unlit Knave
Bombed Templar
Gypped CancersCoifed Kowtow
Wooded MergesHelming Xylem
Seedier HammamToiled Roles
Larval Line-upAfghani Dominio
Hymned SiresFledged Witte
Magics KebabErased Lepas
Slimmed Ma'amBelongs Pains
Arrives EchoesProlix Filming
Refers WarnerOutgrew Segundo
Cursory SeepageLured Marxism
Dwarven HuttonSilent Calcite
Ancient BoragePewter Sires
Ocean YelpingWeans Fedoras
Plucks Line-upCloses Beinge
Compass GnatsRustled Kirpan
Sighted HowdahAmused Lipase
Jealous OspreyExerts Vaulter
Maked MollyNixes Beames
Wavered CornuQuant Macaws
Compass ZingersElven Co-op
Wriggle PaintsModular Merges
Badging BeingePlunges Brack
Strech Sways
Dutiful Sat-nav
Crimp FilmingPenile Dominio
Comely CatharsRegales Hiney
Relief LaminaHankers Saith
Exposed DioxinsGobbles Nadir
Silent AuthourOutdrew Centage
Unfair SwathsDieted Krasner
Prowled SorrowCunning Filming
Luminal IntroBleated Serapis
Flatted PillockReaping Hanks
Asinine DeceitsScalded Infamy
Assayed VisorsPwning Odors
Helming Shreds
Retook Stogie
Eluting PhotonsJostled Shirts
Brimful BraysEvokes Brays
Twitted FalsityRenames Capel
Clunked StaminaSeedier Hotfix
Heats DixieBraver Oarsmen


Now as you have got the idea on how to come up with a gamer name it won’t be a big deal for you.

I forgot to mention something which you need to keep in mind before finalizing your gamertag.

Below are few points to keep in mind before you settle on your gamer name since it can cause a fine or even a ban from online playing.

1.) Don’t make a gamertag which consists offensive language. Using curse words, racial or religious topics should be avoided.

2.) Don’t make a gamertag with a sexual reference.

3.) Don’t create names which might sound-a-like. Example “Adolph Hitler” used as A. Dolph Hit L.R which may get prohibited.

4.) Don’t buy or sell gamertags as it is against the policies of some of the companies.

5.) Don’t defame or impersonate anyone. Never choose a gamer name to cheapen another person’s name or reputation.

Hope this article helped you for coming up with a cool gamertag.

Did I miss anything? Do let me know in the comment section.

Also I would love to hear what is your favourite gamertag.

And yea, don’t forget to share this with your friends too.

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