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5 proven ways to convince your parents that video games are not bad.

How many times do I have to tell you to stop playing video games!

Is that what your parents tell your often?

I know & I understand your situation. This is the major problem faced by gamers who are mainly kids or teenagers. No matter how much you try to convince your parents they still think that video games are just meant to spoil their child.

But don’t worry with this article you will easily learn how to convince your parents that video games are actually good for you.

Happy now? Let’s start with the magic tricks.

5 ways to convince your parents that video games are not bad.

#1. Let them know that there are educational games out there too.

Shooter and RPGs are awesome but there are educational video games too.

In today’s world the more you are comfortable with technology, the better you tend to stay on the top. Some video games can boost memory capacity and knowledge retention.

Students who play educational video games are less likely to develop attention problems in school.

MIT has an educational arcade website that is devoted to creating video games.

#2. Video gaming helps to be well-adjusted in life.

Yes, and that’s true.

A study was conducted by psychologist Dr Andrew Przybylski which involved 5,000 children of age 10 to 15 years.

It showed that playing video games for a short period of time daily could have a small but positive impact on child development. The children that didn’t play video games were less adjusted than those who played at least an hour a day.

Other studies have also shown that playing first-person shooter video games can lead to increase visuospatial processing and memory abilities.

Being engaged in video games may give #children a common language. - Dr Andrew Przybylski, University of Oxford #gaming #videogames

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#3. Kids playing interactive video games have better motor skills.

Yet there was another study conducted to analyse if there was an association between playing video games and child’s fundamental movement skills.

The result showed that motor skills such as kicking, catching, throwing a ball were better in children who played interactive games.

Children who did not play interactive games were less likely to gain any advantage in this area. Playing interactive video games also help in hand and eye coordination.

#4. First-person video games improves vision.

Now go and tell your parents about this if they are worried about your vision.

A professor of brain and cognitive science at University of Rochester named Daphne Bavelier has discovered that practised action gamers become 58% better at perceiving fine differences in contrast.

Normally you might need glasses or eye surgery for staring at high contrast screens for a longer duration. But this is opposite in case of gamers playing first person shooter games.

The FPS games helps to increase gamers vision. And top of that these improvements last for months even if they have stopped playing games.

Isn’t this a surprise for you dear gamers?

#5. Action video games lead to faster decision making skills.

When it comes to making some important decision we normally think a lot and more to it are very sceptical about it.

But this doesn’t happen with gamers who spend more time on action games. Scientist at University of Rochester have discovered that those playing action video games have the ability to make quick and precise decision.

The benefit is that it not only helps gamers to be better in playing video games but also in their day to day activities such as multitasking, driving, reading small print, navigating around the town and keeping track of friends in crowd.

8 Benefits of Playing Video Games.

Benefits of Video Games


I understand that parents are right from their point of view. They are always worried about their kids.

And these points will surely help to convince them that video games are not bad.

Also as a gamer you have to understand that only gaming and no social life is a bit harmful. Hence try to manage your time and also see that your everyday activities are not affected because of excessive gaming.

 Thus you leave no chance for your parents to complain about your gaming.

I hope I have covered some important ways to figure out how to convince your parents that video games are not bad.

Do share this with your gamer friends & let their parents know too that video gaming isn’t bad.

If you have any other ideas don’t forget to mention them in the comment section.

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