About Us

Hey guys!

I am Atmaram, the gamer behind bossofgames.com. The whole idea of making this website was to create a unique platform for gamers where they will find some awesome & cool information about gaming & its stuff.

Here we write reviews of various gaming related products. We understand that sometimes it is really very hard to finalize the best gaming product when buying online. I have seen many people end up choosing the wrong product ultimately losing their money. Over here at bossofgames we help you to choose the exact product which matches your requirement and at the same time suggest you the quality one. 

Apart from reviews we also love to write about some cool as well as crazy stuff about gaming. Here you will find the how to guides, tips & tricks, etc. 

BossofGames is a home of every gamer. All types of gamers are welcomed here. 

If you want to write for us or share your thoughts, then mail us at contactus@bossofgames.com

Now let's play like a Boss!!!

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